Financial Assistance



Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool (OCP) is committed to offering a supportive and welcoming school community to our member families. Currently we offer financial assistance through our Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). The TAP provides annual tuition assistance for an ongoing need.

The TAP strives to enhance diversity by assisting economically less-advantaged OCP families with their co-op tuition requirements. Recipients of TAP awards are expected to notify the President immediately should the conditions surrounding the award improve so that funds can be reallocated to other members in need, ensuring that TAP funds assist the greatest number of members.

Program eligibility and administration

  • Open to co-op member families in good standing. Good standing is assumed for new families.  Good standing is determined by:
    a.     The fulfillment of your financial obligations;
    b.     The fulfillment of your workday obligations;
    c.      Satisfactory completion of committee work; and
    d.     Completion of parent teacher duties.
  • These programs are administered without discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or family structure. All applications are handled in a respectful and confidential manner.
  • The Financial Assistance Committee (FAC) administers all programs. The FAC is comprised of at least two members of OCP’s Advisory Council.  The council provides support and guidance to OCP’s Board, and its members are alumni who served on the Board.
  • All Financial Assistance applications will be handled in a respectful and confidential manner. The President of the Board will receive the applications and redact all identifying information in an effort to protect the confidentiality of the applicants and to enhance the objectivity of the FAC members. The President may also add supporting contextual information to the application and may consult with the VP or Director if necessary.

TAP Assessment Criteria

TAP awards are based on the level of demonstrated financial need. Assessment will include a consideration of household income, savings, investments, assets, home equity, and expenses. In addition to the details supplied by applicants through financial data, the following factors are also considered indicators of financial need and should be described carefully in the applicant letter:

  • Extraordinary medical expenses;
  • Circumstances such as unemployment and loss of income; and
  • Number of dependents, including elderly or infirmed relatives.

TAP Application and Award Process

1.    Read Program eligibility and administration.

2.    Contact the President ( ) to receive a copy of the TAP application, or download it here.

3.    All applications for the TAP are due at the time of application for enrollment for new families and the time of re-enrollment for returning families. A TAP application must include the following:

  • A completed TAP application form. To maintain confidentiality, all documents should be presented in a large sealed envelope;
  • A letter from the applicant requesting Tuition Assistance that provides further contextual support as referenced in the TAP application, or see Item 2.1 above;  and
  • A copy of the family’s most recent Federal Tax Return.

4.    For new families, TAP applications are considered separately from the admissions process.

5.    Award notifications are sent the same week as acceptance of enrollment to the school. The allocation of funds will be made in a manner that allows the greatest benefit to the largest number of applicants. No single award will exceed 40% of the total tuition amount.

Click here to download the TAP application