Why Did You Choose OCP?

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Feb 062014

We asked several of our current parents how they decided OCP was right for their families.  Here are their answers:

“Our friends were members of OCP and could not speak more highly of it. I was especially drawn to the idea of being a part of such a strong, tight-knit community. The parent-teaching was a plus, too, because I wanted to be a part of my young daughter’s education. It ended up being the best decision for us.”

–Heidi, mom to an OCP alum and a current Chickadee

“We looked at easily a half dozen options, but what ultimately made our decision easy was that our 3-year-old engaged immediately in the classroom environment. The outdoor play area was a huge hit, too, and a big factor. Our son loves being outside.”

— Rick, dad to a Sparrow

“Our 3 year old son was immediately at ease at OCP, which was a major concern for us as it was his first experience away from home. He immediately loved his teacher and the school, inside and out. (The play garden is amazing.) We really wanted to have a place with small classes where we could be actively involved in all aspects of his school and be part of a community. OCP excelled in all those areas. We love it here. We only wish it went through Kindergarten.”

— Lee and Clay, parents of a Lark

“Being new to the city, we were looking for a pre-school that was more than just a place for our son to spend each day, but also an open and welcoming community for the entire family.  I could sense that about OCP right away.  I was especially impressed with the genuine dedication to green principles and to building the children’s connection with the natural environment.  Upon meeting the director and teacher – and seeing my son engage with them – I knew this was the right place for him.  And that was before we even discovered the absolute gem that is the Playgarden!”

— Amanda, mom to a Lark

“When I went to the OCP information meeting before applying, I didn’t realize I would find a place completely different than the Morning Out that our oldest had attended in a traditional preschool.  OCP was just on another level.  Betty talked about Alfie Kohn’s Unconditional Parenting, and I was mesmerized.  I could tell that Betty was a wealth of information about children (but of course at the time I didn’t know that she’d had a private practice counseling children for 30 years).  Betty talked about treating children with a level of respect that doesn’t typically exist in the “regular” world.  In addition, the environmental focus really resonated with me.  I also got the sense that the OCP community was tight-knit and very supportive, due in part to the school’s cooperative structure.  In short, we couldn’t possibly love OCP any more.”

–Kimberly, mom to an OCP alum and current Lark

We ultimately chose OCP because of its emphasis on Community. This was our son’s first experience with being away from us during the day (or away from us at all, for that matter!) and it was important to us that he felt that school was a natural, comfortable progression and expansion of our close circle of family and friends. We could not be more pleased with how this has, so organically, taken place. Our son loves going to school, gets excited to see the teachers, and is thrilled when he sees his classmates out and about in the neighborhood. We’re thrilled that his introduction to school has been such a positive and enriching experience.

–Erin, mom to a Chickadee


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May 292013

Spring has sprung. Sadly it has brought that southern scourge, the mosquito, along with it.

At our house we are locked in a constant battle with them.
I’ve scoured the internet for some good options to try to protect us from them.
Fingers crossed that at least one of them works.
repel them:

1 1/2 teaspoons assorted essential oils (citronella, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, cedar, rosemary, catnip and/or rose geranium)
4 ounces distilled witch hazel

Mix ingredients in a 4-ounce spray bottle. Shake well. Spray onto exposed skin, avoiding eyes and mucous membranes. Reapply every 30-60 minutes, or as needed.

trap them:


All Sing antics

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May 082013

We had two birthday kids at All Sing this morning and a rousing rendition of 5 Pea Pods…

Thanks to OCP kids from Decatur

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Feb 222013

We got a sweet thank you note from the City of Decatur for the snack bags that the Sparrows, Owls and Larks helped put together for the volunteers at the MLK service day.  Please pass the appreciation on to your kids for their (little) helping hands.


Celebrating the MLK Day of Service

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Jan 212013

Happy MLK Day!

We celebrated at OCP last week with a service project of our own.

Finding ways to volunteer with young children can be a challenge, but OCP kids were a big help on Friday in putting together snack bags for the Decatur-area volunteers contributing their time to the 11th Annual Decatur Martin Luther King Jr. Service Project.

The Larks, Owls, and Sparrows donned their gloves and scooped up trail mix for the area volunteers while learning a little about why we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr with a “day on” instead of a “day off.”  As he said, “Everybody can be great…because anyone can serve.”

Next year OCP is considering partnering with the city to organize a service project for young children in the area.





Here are some other ways to find volunteer opportunities: