OCP was founded in 2005 in Decatur, GA.  In 2004, a group of  parents interested in creating a cooperative educational environment based on significant parental involvement in the classroom joined together to create the green preschool that exists today. Parents make up the Board of Directors, which creates and implements policy and manages OCP’s operations.

OCP has grown from 19 member families in 2005 to 56 families.  It started as one classroom with two teachers.  Currently it employs a director and seven teachers and holds five classes.

In 2011, OCP moved to a new long-term location in Oakhurst.  It financed the renovation of the building and the creation of its nature-based play garden, exhausting its reserves and implementing its first full-fledged annual fund.

The Board of Directors, in collaboration with the Advisory Council, comprised of alumni, ensure its decisions stay true to OCP’s original mission and values.