Parental Responsibilities


Parental involvement is a cornerstone of Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool (OCP). We rely on the skills and dedication of our parents for continued success.
OCP encourages parents to share with the preschool community their skills and time in any way that will benefit the school and children. As a member of the OCP community, each parent or set of parents will:

  • Assist as a Parent-Teacher on a rotational basis proportionate to the number of days your child is enrolled;
  • Serve on a committee;
  • Participate in three designated school workdays.

OCP Committee Service
One parent in each family currently enrolled in OCP is required to serve on one of nine committees. Parents who have skills that are particularly well suited for certain committees are asked to offer their services accordingly. Please see Committees section on this site for details.

Parent-Teacher Days (PT Days)
Parents are the foundation of OCP. As a parent-teacher, you will assist the teachers and the children throughout the school day. Besides making a wonderful contribution of your time, you also get to see your child interacting and growing. The number of parent-teacher days is determined by a) the number of children in your child’s class and b) the number of days your child attends OCP. For example, if there are 7 children in your child’s class and your child attends 3 days per week, you will parent-teach approximately every 7th class day, or once every 2-3 weeks.

The parent-teacher should plan to arrive at school no later than 8:45a.m., and plan to stay until 1:30p.m. The teacher will instruct each parent on their duties for the day. Some parent teacher job responsibilities may include: cleaning, preparing for arts and craft or for other projects, playing with children, comforting a crying child, helping supervise on the playground or singing songs. Also, the parent-teacher provides snacks sufficient for the whole class.

As an OCP member, each family is obligated to earn three workday credits during the school year (1 parent x 1 workday = 1 credit). Workdays can be either scheduled facility-related workdays or events that require volunteers. Each workday is typically a four hour commitment. Each family must earn at least one workday credit at a facility-related workday, and each family must earn at least one credit helping with our 5K race in the spring.