Chickadees – young twos


Nicki_web_2016Nicki Lynn Keys

Nicki has been a part of a co-op family for the past ten years, and has been working with children her entire life. She first began working in a cooperative setting in Inman Park under Betty’s guidance and directorship. She then spent several years at OCP as a Chickadee, Wren, and summer program teacher. During her years away from OCP, she worked as a Certified Child Life Specialist within Children’s Healthcare, helping children and families navigate illness and injury by providing age appropriate education, coping opportunities, and social engagement. She is so excited to return to a community oriented classroom setting, where she can merge her newly honed skill set into OCP’s philosophy.

Nicki believes that children deserve the freedom to explore their natural curiosities and in the power of play. She welcomes messes when necessary and teaches from a place of love. She lives in Peoplestown, Atlanta with her old greyhound and a yard full of chickens. Nicki also runs a cleaning service, “Cabbagetown Cleaning Company,” and can be found in her free time digging in the garden, riding her bicycle, or scooting about on her Vespa.