Larks – fours


Margie Ashe


Margie Ashe is excited to be teaching the Larks again this year! Margie first joined OCP as a parent in 2006, served two years on the Board of Directors as the Curriculum chair, and then joined the staff in 2013. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and has enjoyed the opportunity to teach and learn from children of all ages. Margie has a deep respect for the wonder of childhood and appreciates the freedom she has at OCP to provide authentic, active learning experiences for her students.

Margie lives in Oakhurst with her husband, Alan, and their children Lillian (12), a seventh-grader at Renfroe and Jonathan (8), a third-grader at Oakhurst Elementary.



Melissa Bower

A Massachusetts native, Melissa moved to Charleston, South Carolina to attend Charleston Southern University, where she graduated with a BS in Early Childhood Education. In 2009, Melissa relocated to Atlanta with her dog, cat, and turtle to be a nanny for her nephew and two other children. Coincidentally, the children were all OCP alums. During those years, she came to appreciate the school’s child-led, nature based curriculum. And seeing how they’ve continued to thrive socially and independently has been a very powerful confirmation.

Melissa is very happy to be the teacher’s assistant for the Larks’ class this year. She knows Margie is a skilled, experienced teacher. And between both of them, she is confident the children will have very meaningful experiences at OCP.