Owls – threes


ReLiang Tsang
Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, ReLiang holds a BA in Studio Art and an MA in Museum Studies. She received additional training in arts and museum education at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, where she taught art to young children. For many years, she worked as an arts educator and administrator at nonprofit arts organizations, including art schools and museums.

As a teacher and a parent, ReLiang is greatly influenced by the work of Dr. Maria Montessori. She has had the great pleasure of working as a substitute teacher at her daughter’s Montessori school, guiding children in a multi-age (2.5- to 6-year-old) classroom.

ReLiang enjoys the process of making art with children and discovering with them the beauty that is found in simplicity, such as the shape of a leaf, the slight bend in a branch, or the texture and color of a piece of cloth. She delights in experiencing life with young children because their expansive imaginations and thought processes always inspire her to see a world of different possibilities.

ReLiang and her husband have one daughter, who is almost five. As a family, they enjoy making art, traveling, and spending as much time outdoors as possible: gardening, hiking, biking, and camping. In her spare time, she enjoys the quiet work of sewing, reading, yoga, and cooking.