School Director | Betty R. Wood, M.S.

Native of South Carolina, graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in psychology and began her professional career as Clinical Counselor at South Carolina State Mental Hospital working with adults and children. She earned her teacher certification in special education through graduate courses at Winthrop University and teaching elementary special education in the public schools and then moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where she worked with first-time offenders in a therapeutic community and with public school teachers providing educational services for children with specific learning differences. Betty earned a master’s degree in school and clinical psychology from Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania.

Relocating to Atlanta in 1978, Betty earned school psychometry certification at Georgia State University and completed doctoral courses at The Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, California. She taught sixth and seventh grade children at The Schenck School for Dyslexic children and administered psychoeducational evaluations for admissions to the school.

Betty also established a private practice working with families whose children were experiencing learning difficulties in public and private schools in the Atlanta area. In 2001 she began working in cooperative preschools while maintaining a private practice in the afternoon and evenings. Over time and increased awareness of the personal needs of her clients, Betty changed the focus of her practice from clinical treatment to the prevention of pathology in children and adults through personal coaching and educational consultation.

Betty joined Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool Staff as Director in April 2008, after having worked as Director of Inman Park Cooperative Preschool for seven years. Betty has been a strong supporter of OCP since its inception in 2005 and has served on the OCP Advisory Board. Professionally committed to the philosophy that children thrive when the family and school work together in the best interest of the child, Betty finds the cooperative preschool educational model ideal in educating young children and parents. Betty is the proud parent of E.R. Anderson, freelance writer and Executive Director of Charis Circle.

2023-24 Board of Directors

  • President: Yana Hoy-Schulz
  • Vice President: Britt Carter
  • Secretary: Jennifer Rapier
  • Treasurer: Blake McDaniel
  • Communications: Thomas Chen
  • Co-op: Alex Kukler & Julia Duperrault
  • Curriculum: AndrĂ©s Rojas
  • Facilities: Vera Giordano
  • Fundraising: Julianne Mesaric
  • Green: Abbey Wojno & Lauren Chepaitis
  • Membership: Allbrea Porter & Maya Shweiky
  • Personnel: Nichole Levy & Molly Patterson
  • Technology: Dean Sullivan

One member of every coop family is asked to serve on one of ten committees listed below. Parents who have skills that are well suited for certain committees can offer their services to those committees. The time commitment varies between committees. Typically, each committee meets once per month and assigns tasks to each member.

The Management Committee
Consisting of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer; conducts regular meetings and manages all business operations; oversees and assists all other committees, and makes ongoing decisions between Board meetings.
The Co-op Committee
Coordinates all social events and programs for members, including an internal auction; creates and oversees yearly programming that improves the cooperative experience for member families (e.g. managing food trains for new babies); secures volunteers for co-op events and programs; coordinates community outreach projects and programs; and assists other committee chairs with their events or programs.
The Facilities Committee

Oversees maintenance, safety, and improvement of OCP facilities, assists the OCP Director in developing and maintaining OCP’s Emergency Action Plan and Procedures to comply with state regulations and to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of students, staff, and member families.

The Green Committee
Coordinates and oversees issues related to becoming and sustaining an environmentally responsible facility and corporation, including implementation of environmentally related educational programming.
The Personnel Committee
Assists the School Director with matters related to hiring, evaluation, wages, and benefits for employees; maintains Employee Manual and oversees teacher and director evaluation and appreciation.
The Communications Committee
Manages and delivers external communications; oversees public relations and marketing activities, maintains the website and organizes events that serve to introduce OCP to the larger community to bring in prospective parents.
The Curriculum Committee
Supports staff in matters related to curriculum philosophy and implementation, classroom needs and materials, enhancement programming, and continuing education for parents and teachers.
The Fundraising Committee

Is responsible for planning and executing all OCP fundraising activities–including the annual Beat the Street for Little Feet 5K Run.

The Membership Committee
Assists the School Director with matters related to enrollment, records, member relations and obligations, and new member orientation; oversees member assignment to committees and tracks member compliance.
The Technology Committee

Assists the staff, officers, and other committees with their technology needs and has overall responsibility for the deployment and maintenance of the school’s computer systems; assists other committees and staff to use these systems so they can develop, enter, and maintain the necessary content.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of a rotating group of former OCP Board members. The role of the Advisory Council is to support the OCP board in staying true to OCP’s mission and values and to provide historical perspective when applicable.


Oakhurst Cooperative Preschool creates a nurturing community that gives children and their families the opportunity to learn, communicate, play and grow together. In this positive, family-centered educational environment, we strive to develop each child's curiosity, empathy, confidence, self-discipline, and enthusiasm for learning.

By encouraging children to be active and creative explorers of art, music, literature, nature, and the community, we provide a foundation for acquiring the skills children need to succeed both now and in the future. We model sustainable practices through our curriculum, daily operations, and community events.

830 W. College Avenue, Decatur, GA | 404-474-7255 | info@oakhurstcoop.com